SEO-with Image

25 Jan

The sentence that has been often people say about the picture (image) is a picture tells many things beyond words. Therefore the use of images is often used not only to create the appearance of a posting to become more attractive but also to provide a clearer view of the different sides of the post.

To note when a webmaster uses images in its news is provided using an optimal attributes. Each image has attributes such as “file name” and “alt”. Use the “alt” attribute as an alternative to explain the picture if the picture is not successfully loaded for whatever reason.

If someone visits a website with a web browser that does not support the image or using alternative technologies such as screen readers *) then the content of an “alt” attribute will provide information about the image that does not work in load.

If we want a picture of a posting appearing in a search on google by searching the image, then we need to maximize the usage of attribute “file name” and “alt” from the image. Use of both these attributes will facilitate image search projects, such as google image search, to understand the picture.

This last is managing all image files in a directory, rather than putting it in a separate image in the directory and sub directories. Image file type and extension commonly used are JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF.

*) Screen reader is a software that interprets the information written on the screen for users of Braille.


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